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Musterstraße 777
77777 Musterstadt, Deutschland

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Marienplatz is without no doubt one of the most beautiful squares in Germany. Surrounded by stunningly beautiful buildings, with shops, restaurants and cafes all around, beside the impressive structure of Munich City Hall, it is definitely a must-see site for anyone who visits this beautiful city.
Cool square with cool buildings, nice flowers and street performers. The family really liked hanging out here.
Very beautiful. Somehow unique square in comparison with other cities of Germany
I don’t know where to start there is so much to see and so much history!
We visited the first week of December before covid was a thing. We came for the Christmas markets since many of my friends who were stationed here recommended it over Oktoberfest. The clock is a huge tourist trap to say the least. Lol but beautiful. You won’t see the clock move unless its 12 noon.
Drink all the beer! Ha its cheaper than the water but take water with you in a back pack.
If you see the mulled wine (warm red drink) everyone is drinking around the markets, um its not for me. I love wine but not one that tastes like cherry cough syrup. So gross in my opinion. They have a huge recycle system here. So pay attention to what you are getting charged for. Make time for sight seeing between tours. There is sooo much! Oh and layer for winter. Some days are cold and some days are freezing!! Below freezing temps on a regular at night. The people and the town, everything so beautiful! One week was not enough time.
Lovely square in the centre of Munich, surrounded by many famous shops and locations. Looked magical illuminated at night, can't image how magical it would look at Christmas time, with the market and the Christmas lights.

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5,0 rating
28. Mrz 2020, 09:16

Besser geht es nicht….immer wieder gerne

-Bernd Fiss-

Top Service

5,0 rating
23. Mai 2019, 06:14

Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen

-Bernd Fiss-

Gut zu empfehlen

4,0 rating
22. Mai 2019, 18:27

Wir waren recht zufrieden mit den Leistungen.
Gerne wieder.

Sabina Th.

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